Smart Tips to Hide Dark Spots and Blemish with Simple Make-up Appliances


Whether it is the extensive exposure to sun, pollution or whatsoever cause it is that you have got dark spots and breakouts on your face, makeup has made you covered. With the best beauty products, you can obtain all these facial flaws vanish in no time. Without more ado, let's learn from the expert's guide on how to cover dark spots applying makeup.

Cover-up with a Concealer

When it comes to concealing those dark spots and dark circles on your face, Concealer is a superhero that appears to your rescue right away. Whether you have a light color or dark color skin, there is a particular concealer available out there for all skin. While buying online or offline, you will find there are numerous different types of concealers for various skin concerns. You need to choose one that best approaches your matter.

  • Color Correcting: Pick a contrasting color, as by the color ring, to conceal the dark spots and give your skin balanced looking. Orange colored concealer is used to cover dark spots. If you want to add some brightness to your skin; apply yellow colored concealer. If you 're going to cover up the below eye circles, the easy method is to pick a concealer tone that is slightly darker than your original skin tone but brighter than the dark spots you want to cover.

  • Applying it correctly: First of all, wash your face applying a facial cleanser. Then, easily employ orange concealer against to your dark spots and other blemishes in the 'X' pattern. Apply a right concealer brush to mix the product correctly upon your skin. Do not use fingers as it may carry more bacteria further attaching to your skin problems. Use yellow brightener and mix it properly with the orange Concealer for bright looking and flawless skin. A quick takeaway: You can attempt different shades from concealer palette to get the perfect match for your skin tone.

  • Finishing it by a highlighter: You can use your skin-matching foundation and then move ahead with the rest of your makeup routine. Or you can easily use concealer and finish it with a smooth highlighter onto your cheekbones. That is sufficient to perform your look self-ready. Concealer provides your face subtle light and accentuates your highlights. It is possible in three tones: fair, light, and medium. Try and get the right tone for your skin.

Choosing a right type of Concealer

You will find concealers in cream, liquid, pencils, sticks and other forms. You need to select a proper type depending on your skin complexion, coverage necessary, and the purpose. Typically, pencils and sticks guarantee better coverage than cream concealers. And cream concealers are better than liquids.

Though, if you own oily skin and got open pores, applying a liquid concealer is recommended. Liquid concealers are also the excellent choice to cover up below eye darkness. If you want to hide the dark spots, pencils and sticks are the best. And use cream concealers to cover up acne and dull spots on your skin the most efficient way. Now you understand how to get your skin look flawless and gorgeous!